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Performance Issues with Magento Security Patch SUPEE-6788

Magento periodically releases security patches. Sometimes these patches are critical, and sometimes not. In any case, the MageCore team applies these patches for our clients proactively.

As any code change may potentially introduce performance issues, we have a habit of verifying custom code to ensure performance is not affected. Magento patches are not an exception.

When we tested the most recent security patch SUPEE-6788 using Blackfire Profiler, we discovered performance issues with it and identified a path to improve the performance of the patch by 9.72%:

Blackfire Profiler

Our team has patched the patch and it is publicly available on GitHub We encourage Magento developers to apply this patch on top of the Magento security patch SUPEE-6788.

In addition, we recommend using to ensure your Magento site is up to date with security patches and doesn’t have any known security vulnerabilities.

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