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Introducing the MageCore Blog

We are excited to launch the MageCore blog! This is a place where we will discuss Magento functionality, practical technical information and emerging eCommerce trends. For our first post, we will give a brief update on our business.

Over the past year we have been steadily building the MageCore business. We have been so busy working with our customers that we haven’t taken much time to tell our story. Many people have asked us why we decided to start a development and consulting business. While there are many reasons, to keep this post brief we narrowed it down to three “core” reasons.

First, we love Magento! Yoav Kutner and Dima Soroka, our CTO and VP of Engineering respectively, were the first two people to touch Magento. From their technology vision Magento was born. Working with them, I helped build the commercial side of the business and still count it as one of the most exciting times in my career. Magento has changed the face of eCommerce and even though we don’t work there anymore, we wanted to remain part of it.

Second, we have the best development expertise. Because of the team we have assembled, we deliver a unique perspective on Magento. We wanted to use that perspective to save Magento customers from common implementation pitfalls. Over the past year, we have seen time and time again how the expertise of the entire MageCore team has helped Magento customers deliver world-class projects on time and in budget. We are passionate about Magento customers having a fantastic experience with the product, and will go to great lengths to make sure they do.

Lastly, we believe in our ability to connect the dots in a project. The reality is eCommerce implementations are complex. Design has to match platform functionality, integrate with existing systems, and be delivered on time and in budget. Because our team has managed hundreds of eCommerce projects, we have the confidence in our ability to connect those dots on behalf of our customers. As a MageCore team we have already done this work for some of Magento’s largest customers and fastest growing eCommerce businesses in the world.

Mixing our love for Magento with our desire to be a supportive part of the Magento ecosystem, we launch the MageCore blog. We hope you will visit frequently!

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