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Magento’s 3 Most Underutilized Features

As Magento continues to pave the way as the leader of eCommerce platforms, the possibilities packed within the software seem to be limitless. No matter what kind of business you run, the comprehensive list of features can be daunting to any new or seasoned commerce company. We talk to companies every week who have been running Magento for years and still haven’t captured it’s full value. With that in mind we wanted to highlight several underutilized features within Magento that will increase conversion and dramatically improve your relationship with your customers. Here are the three most underutilized features of Magento:

Customer Segmentation

You can’t maximize profits without understanding who your customers are and what they want. However, too many companies fall into the trap of misjudging or wrongly assuming their customer needs. Discovering how to segment and categorize your customers and then appropriately market to them should be at the forefront of any eCommerce strategy. By marketing to your customers in a more relevant way, you’ll increase conversion and. ultimately customer satisfaction. In fact, market research shows that on average, proper ecommerce customer segmentation increases revenue by 24%. Magento Enterprise’s Customer Segmentation feature makes it easy. It categorizes clients together based on characteristics like age, gender, location, purchase or browsing history, items in shopping carts, wish lists, and more. After this segmentation is classified into groups, Magento enables you to target specific content and promotions to those who share common characteristics. For example, you can:

  • Create personalized banners highlighting promotions targeting specific customer segments.
  • Define shopping cart price rules based on each customer segment.
  • Import your customer segmented lists into your email-marketing program to create targeted mailings.

By personalizing the experience for your customer, you will increase satisfaction, loyalty, and overall sales.

Design and Theme Flexibility

Your website is the most important part of your online presence, and in a sea of competition, you have to find ways to standout. The overall design, feel, and malleability of your site are crucial elements in determining customer gains and retention. In the mobile and tablet age, rigid web design is a thing of the past. One of the most unique features Magento offers is the extensive flexibility of their design and theme application. With a state-of-the-art theme management system, Magento gives you all the tools you need to provide the highest quality front-end look for your customers. As you focus on creative and promotional ideas, Magento will do the rest for you. Here are a few ways Magento offers distinctive theme flexibility:

Mobile Optimization

The 2013 eMarketer Report says that 15% of all online retail sales will take place through mobile devices, a total increase of 4% from 2012. By 2017, that number is expected to rise to at least 25%. The mobile age has changed the game. Sales through mobile devices are only increasing and all ecommerce businesses should be mobile ready if they want to survive. In order to serve mobile optimized versions of your site design, Magento gives you the unique ability to set theme exception per user agent. Depending on where you add these theme exceptions, you can create different layouts, skins, or complete themes for your customers who use different devices to get to your site. What this means is complete mobile customization, which can add a huge advantage over your competitors.

Product Customization Control

With Magento you can also update the look and feel of your store in the product and category level. This gives you better promotional and marketing power as well as a store with a unique design.

Multiple Theme Settings

Magento allows you to switch between a default store design and temporary event/season-specific ones, giving you the ability to load several themes at once. You can even plan well ahead and set a theme for a specific date and then after rollback to your default theme.

Persistent Shopping

Nearly 7 out of every 10 people abandon their online shopping carts before purchase, according to the Baymard Marketing Research Institute. The eMarketer report also states that 56% of customers leave items in their shopping cart with the intention to return later and purchase. This provides a great opportunity to make coming back easy.

Magento includes a feature called persistent shopping. Persistent Shopping offers the ability to maintain the user shopping sessions, including the items viewed, comparable products, and other actions without the need to login again to the website. The capabilities are extended to include wish lists, recently ordered items, and customer group memberships.

For more convenient use of purchasing, customers can even add a product into their cart from one browser, leave and change the items through their mobile device. This is done using a long-term cookie that preserves information about the customer. As soon as someone logs into your site, the cookie is stored on his or her computer and enables them to find their cart without having to log back in.

Overall, Magento’s persistent shopping makes shopping more convenient for your customers and will ultimately preserve sales.

Coming soon

Over the next few weeks, we will post more in-depth details on how each of these Magento features function and how they can be best used to drive your business forward.

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